Directing Families Toward a Better Future

Healing - To Stop The Hurting
Healing for those who have been impacted by the devastating effects of child abuse/neglect, domestic violence, poverty & substance abuse. Doulos' intervention services help families identify their strengths to positively deal with the issues in their lives and make constructive changes that create nurturing and healthy homes for children.

Solutions- Taking Time To Plan
Solutions just don't happen. Someone has to envision a world that promotes the best that all families can be and then develop an action plan for the whole community to work together. Doulos works with area agencies, both private and governmental, to build solutions that will impact families and make the whole community stronger.

Education - To Start Families off Right
Education is the key that opens the door for any prevention program to effectively promote healthy and positive relationships within families. Doulos prides itself on its on-going commitment to serve families through a variety of programs designed to teach parents and children positive skills necessary for successful, healthy family relationships.

We consider ourselves to be a faith-based, mission-driven organization, dedicated to building and strengthening families. We believe that...