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This four-hour educational seminar focuses on the needs of children during stressful times, such as divorce or parental separation. One of the primary messages given throughout the seminar is that children need both parents in their lives and that parents need to work together to increase their child's ability to adjust to the changes of divorce/separation.
Required by the Courts of Daviess, Dubois, Gibson & Pike Counties for all parties involved in divorce, modification of visitation/custody, separate maintenance, & paternity proceedings, this seminar is designed to build upon the strengths that parents inherently have to help them as they work with their child(ren) to emerge from this experience of divorce with a sense of self-worth and belonging.
TransParenting (originally called Children Cope with Divorce) was developed in the late 1980's by Families First (Atlanta, GA). Doulos Family Services became a licensed provider in September, 1993. Since that time, over 9,000 persons have attended the seminar through this agency.

Transparenting Who Can Benefit From TransParenting?
People dealing directly with family changes: Cost:
$60.00/each participant (money order/cashier's Check)

Fee Waiver
Fees may be waived for persons who qualify under guidelines set forth by the Court: declared indigent by the Court, be represented by Legal Services Organization, or be on public assistance. You can download the waiver form, pick up a Petition for Waiver of Fee form at the local County Clerk's office or contact Doulos Family Services directly to obtain a copy. This waiver form must be received by us one week prior to the desired seminar date to allow for verification of information provided and approval/denial of the waiver.

Prior to attending the TransParenting seminar, you are strongly encouraged to use an excellent resource which is available free on the internet. which is free, confidential and interactive website for divorcing and divorced parents, designed to assist parents through difficult changes. is intended for those who were never married but have children together. This process will assist parents in making specific decisions which will have a positive impact on their children. While not a requirement by the Courts at this time, persons who participate in the process will benefit immensely from the practical ideas and suggestions provided on these websites.


1/9/2016 - Oakland City
1/16/2016 - Jasper
2/13/2016 - Oakland City
2/20/2016 - Jasper
3/12/2016 - Oakland City
3/19/2016 - Jasper
4/9/2016 - Oakland City
4/16/2016 - Jasper
5/14/2016 - Oakland City
5/21/2016 - Japser
6/11/2016 - Oakland City
6/18/2016 - Jasper
7/9/2016 - Oakland City
7/16/2016 - Jasper
8/13/2016 - Oakland City
8/20/2016 - Jasper
9/10/2016 - Oakland City
9/17/2016 - Jasper
10/8/2016 - Oakland City
10/15/2016 - Jasper
11/12/2016 - Oakland City
11/19/2016 - Jasper
12/10/2016 - Oakland City
12/17/2016 - Jasper
NOTE: In the event that there is an insufficient number of pre-registered persons for a particular session, that session will be canceled and persons registered for that session will be notified (if a correct phone contact is provided on the registration form).

Oakland City     9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Central
2nd Saturday of each month
Oakland City Public Library
210 South Main Street
Oakland City, Indiana

Jasper     9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Eastern
3rd Saturday of each month
Dubois Circuit Courtroom
Dubois County Courthouse
Courthouse Square
Jasper, Indiana

Sessions Begin on Time! Please arrive 10 minutes early to register and ensure credit will be given for your attendance. Credit will not be given for late arrivals.

Upon Completion of the seminar, everyone will receive a certificate of attendance, and as a courtesy, proof of their attendance will be forwarded to the Court.


To pre-register for the seminar:
  1. Complete the registration form below (or pick one up at our office). Make sure that you have marked the date/location for the seminar you wish to attend and include the complete court cause number which identifies you with the court and ensures you receive credit for attending the seminar.
  2. Mail the completed registration form, along with a money order/cashier's check for $60.00 per each participant, to Doulos Family Services. DO NOT SEND CASH OR PERSONAL CHECK! An additional $5.00 fee will be assessed for each personal check received to cover costs of returning checks to participants.
  3. You should plan to attend the seminar which you select. You WILL NOT be contacted to remind you when to attend unless there is a conflict. You should call as soon as possible to give notification of any change in when you plan to attend.
Your Name:

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Home Phone Number: Work Phone Number:

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Court Case Number:

Attourney Represending You (if any):

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I prefer NOT to attend the same seminar as my child(ren)'s other parent. Please contact me if is registered at the same seminar.

Special arrangements may be needed due to a physical impairment. Please contact me prior to the seminar for more information.

Send a money order/cashier's check (NO CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS) to:
Doulos Family Services
1153 E. 150 S.
Princeton, IN 47670